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    Im a complete newbie to drawing,i have been drawing from refrance by coping the conture but I want to learn the basic principles to draw better on my own Im curently studying the gesture of a figure but im not sure if what im doing is correct or will I just develop bad habits. I seem to get the general idea of lines of actions vs contures yet the contures is the only thing I see whenever I want to make a gesture out of it. plus I seem to be only making stick figures out of the gestures and get confused when tring to do simple forms of the figure.

    is there any advice for where to go from here ? am I doing something wrong ?

    Gesture 1

    Gesture 2

    Gesture 3

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    Okay, so it seems like you have a good concept of flow down. The next step is to refine it by practicing proportions. A good way that I've found to do this is to break down the image you are attempting to draw into shapes. You're already doing this, but with lines instead. Making the form into shapes gives it more tangibility and structure, and can help you understand the way it's built and how it moves.

    tl;dr,remember that what you're drawing is 3d.

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