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    Hello, I've been doing gesture drawing and received criticism that I have too many straight lines. How do I make my gestures more fluid/curvy while maintaining the line of action within the drawing? Along with helpful tips, I would like to receive constructive criticism as well. Thanks.

    The posted gesture drawings were done within a 30-second time interval each.

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    good morning, afternoon, or evening, Wishfully. How are you? Greatest job on all of your gestures in 30 secs each. What a greater way to tell stories thru quick sketchs and scribbles!

    But still, I'm not getting enough of the Hollywood Arabian S and C curves in your lines of action and rhythm. How would you like to free up your dominant shoulder and elbow with 30 minutes of 29 second quickest poses?? Because if you free up your shoulder and elbow with that huger quantity of quickest sketches, then your angles and curves will become strongest in comparison and contrast to your LOAs. For more details about what I'm talking about, here's this video about Eric Goldberg's interview on Aladdin (1992, Disney)

    There! Hope this thing helps, and have a good morning, afternoon, or evening!


    Good prioritization. I was lurking to see how others use their 30s and I learned something from yours. :)


    Wow im super late to seeing this reply but thanks! I really needed more guidance so I'm glad you linked this video.

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