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    Trying to do 1 minute gesture drawings daily, I see some improvement compared to the first few ones, but I feel something's amiss, I also see myself sometimes doing the line of action and sometimes I don't. I usually start the gesture from the head and then work my way down. I'm also not sure if I should start with drawing the head, rib and pelvis or not every time I do it the pose looks really bad and unnatural.

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    These are flipping great! A lot of focus on nailing the expression and movement of each figure. I personally focus way too much on matching the form of the figure so I may copy a few techniques I see in your drawings lol.

    I see a ton of improvement as well from your earlier drawings, like when you compare 9 to 40. I think your best pieces happen when you really know the line of action that the whole body follows. Even in your most succesful poses without the line of action, I can tell that you understand it intrinsically with that particular figure. The third figure on 63 is a good example of this, because the line in the middle of the chest goes straight down to one of the legs, making an unintentional line of action.

    Its fine to start at the head, especially if you get it done quick. A circle with a + is a great shorthand. It really depends on the figure and you get a feel for which ones work better with different starting poses. Feel free to start at the pelvis or chest or even legs, experiment and find out which ones work better for certain poses. When you draw this much, experimentation is vital.

    I feel like Im going to steal a certain member's thunder here by reccomending this, but try doing even shorter poses, with less lines. Your work really shines when you know the line of action of a figure. Heck, maybe even 10 second rounds, with just a line to indicate most of the pose. Do this for a couple of minutes as a warm up and I think your approach to figures will get even stronger.


    Well, Sorasol,good morning,but these are all more flipping great. I think you must really know what you're doing in terms of the compositions of the body gestures and constructions, along with the gestures of the hands and feet. Please do keep up the great but powerful works.

    I can see lots and lots of improvement in your lines of action and how looser they can all be, yet I can totally feel that they all seem not too lighter and livelier and looser enough to me yet. How would you please care for holding your pencils by the very ends with your very first online interactive drawing tutorial?

    As you can see the ground behind the explanation, if you do this interactive drawing tutorial, then you can and shall, and will be able to get more in tap with the loosest, boldest, and most free-est and powerful with your lines of action and rhythm in your figures, animals, and, well, anything. And, it still is very useful to your studies.

    Hope they've been totally and absolutely beneficlal, and happy sketching weekend.


    Thank you guys alot for your comments! I appreciate it alot! I will be doing both your recommendations :)

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