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    I'm new to the site. Currently I do a lot of small press comic work. I feel its time to push my skills a little further.

    Starting from the ground up with Glen Villpu instructional videos.
    Here are some 2 minute gesture drawings. Comments and feedback would be great :)

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    Your drawings are looking pretty good! I look forward for more to see if there are any specific areas you can improve on. Keep it up!


    Thanks Swen.

    Here's the gestural stuff from yesterday.

    I feel like this could do with more form.
    I guess its the balance of getting the C's & S's right.
    Whilst still maintaining that form. Though I suppose telling the story is just as important.


    Today's gesture drawings.
    I feel this went a lot better than yesterday form wise.

    Comments on where I can improve greatly appreciated.

    Thanks :)


    Wow, these look awesome!Spurs me to do some extra gestures today!


    When you say "I feel its time to push my skills a little further," do you have a particular direction in mind? :)


    Thanks for the kind words @Ay.Spies

    @Kim Essentially I used a lot of reference in my illustration work currently. So the ultimate aim is to not rely so heavily on that for figurative work. Which is why i'm going right back to basics and working up from there.


    These look great. The only thing I can think of is perhaps noting down some of the poses that you really like and exploring what they could be in different styles, levels of exaggeration and/or body type. An exploration of shape design. It could be useful in your work as comics, especially superhero comics, tend to have some really exaggerated poses


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