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    Hi, I'm kinda new to drawing and I noticed that I really enjoy figure drawing, so for now I'm focusing a little bit more on gesture. These are some of my gesture exercises (1/2 minute poses). I know my line quality is really far from good, I'm working on that. Could you please critique my gesture drawings? I'd really appreciate some feedback. Thanks :)

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    Hello and welcome aboard, Nick Laze, and how are you doing? I'm Polyvios, Polyvios Animations, and again, how are you??

    Nicest job on your range of movement and organic shape drawings of your nudest figure drawings. I think that your goal is completely spot on, but I feel that these flowing lines need even more flow. Why don't you please try out our 30 minute class mode of the nuder figure drawings?

    As a result, if your goal is to clearly push your gestures even much more to make them least stiff, and the most dynamic, energetic-er, and fluidest. For most info, please look into a copy of the Sheppard Anatomy book available on our Recommended Books list.

    My hat's off to you.


    Hi Polyvios, Thank you for your advice.
    I already dedicate 30 minutes a day to gesture drawing to begin my exercise routine.
    Sometimes I even try the 1 hour class. I really appreciate your feedback and I'll work on pushing my gesture even further beyond (as once Goku said). Again, Thank you:)

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