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    Hello, I recently started learning drawing and thought gesture drawing was the best place to start. I looked up a lot of things and binge read some books before actually getting rid of my laziness and trying it myself. I am surprised how people I watched makes this looks so easy. I have seen people take different approaches to gesture drawing, my guess is that there is no best way to do it? I am a couple of days in with these 1 minute drawings and need some guidance on what am I doing wrong, or if I just lack experience. Maybe 1 minute is too short for me at the moment?

    Here is my latest go at it. 1 minute poses.

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    These look really good so far, and from my not so professional point of view, just carry on drawing and keep at it :)


    Thank you. Do you think I should change the time?

    30 seconds. I can't go beyond stick figures for this.


    Well, since your goal is getting better at drawing, and in this case people, I suggest 5 or 10 minutes. I can tell you now, might as well forget about doing anything besides a couple gesture lines in 30 seconds :)


    These are really impressive. You were able to capture the form and movement very concisely and gracefully.


    Hi rspoint! Your 30 second gestures look just fine. :) This article might be useful regarding your worries about not being able to draw more than just stick figures:


    If I can capture any sense of movement or form in 30 seconds, I'm happy. I think your gesture drawings go well beyond that!


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