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    Hi y'all I started pursuing drawing in the fall of 2014, it's now been two years since I started this journey, and there have been plenty of ups and downs :P, but I love it, and can't see my self ever stopping. I've got a comic book out, am about to produce an anthology with a number of friends, and am going back to school for graphic design in about a week. Anyway, I've been really rusty on my gesture drawing, and have not been practicing, but I decided to get back into it, because I realize it's so important. Gesture drawings are the artists daily crunches and push ups.

    I attached 10 gestures I just did this morning. They are all 2 minutes except for one 3.5 minute sketch. I'd like to get much better at spotting proportion, and nailing facial features with only a few lines. But really anything would be helpful. Most of all honest impressions, of both what I'm doing well, and what I need to improve/how might go about improving those things. Thanks!

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