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    day 2 of my 1 page daily gesture drawings!

    again, any critique would be greatly appreciated!

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    Looks alright, but you really might want to work on your proportioning, looks wanky in a lot of places. Your getting the general gesture, which is good, but you still might want to work on the proper sizing of each gesture you do, even for 30 sec gestures. Also in some of them I noticed some etched lines in your gesture drawings meaning a lack of line confidence,but since your probably new at this that to be expected.

    You might want to check out a video about gesture drawing from proko, it could really help you out.

    Anyway though, keep at it!



    some things you may find helpful at this stage would be visualizing the human body as a collection of 3D shapes, which is what it is in reality. You could practice drawing different 3D shapes in different positions, such as a cube from all different angles, like a turnaround. Then, shapes like tubes and pyramids. Being able to visualize 3D shapes and apply them to your understanding of form can be really helpful in making your understanding of anatomy more cohesive.

    if this is difficult for you, you may also find it helpful to picture the human body as a collection of two-dimensional shapes. Such as, a loose trapezoid for the chest area, and rounded rectangles for thighs. Once you get these rules of form down you'll find it much easier to create more cohesive form in your studies.


    Hey! Amazing capturing energy and gesture. I would say if you can try to avoid the scratchy/sketchy lines and make more decisive lines as you go, that may help improve your observation skills. You can try to draw without looking at your paper and that will help you see how accurate your observing is! Keep drawing :)


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