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    Hello! I've been trying to practice gesture drawing these past days and I think one of the things I keep having problems with is determining the proportion. Is that something that will eventually come naturally to me with more practice, or do I need to be stricter with my gesture drawing practice? Please tell me if there are other things I could improve as well, thank you! Here is the picture

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    Hello and good afternoon, Loon Ar, and welcome aboard, and I'm Paul, but how are you doing today?

    Say, you're doing a mighty powerful fine job on your range of edges, gestures, and spaces, and angles of your poses. Keep up the great work, but I'm not getting enough of that strong personal style yet, so how would you like to draw really flowing straights against curves and shapes with our interactive drawing tutorial RIGHT here?

    The reason why you could and should try that link is because your angles, proportions, and spaces will be the least stilted but more fluid but flowing. For most info, please look into some more tips and tricks from Daniel Coyle's The Little Book of Talent.

    Good luck to you.


    Hello Paul, I'm doing great. Thank you very much for the advices, I'll be trying them :D


    Your proportions are good. You may be a little too hard on yourself.

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    I think you're gestures are really amazing, your proportions look great too

    I don't know if you digital or physical, but if you're drawing digitally then you can try doing a gesture, then overlaying it with the reference to see how "accurate" you are, but I don't think you have to be 100-100% all the time. But I'm no pro myself so yeah haha

    Good luck


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