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    Hello everyone,

    I really dive into drawng this past two month and I discovered this website, which I think has really helped me to improove my gesture drawing.

    Today I said to myself, "good you're drawing but it'll be great if you had feedback on your work" so I created an account to submit to you my session of the day.

    As you will see, I'm stuggling with the 30sec sketches.

    Thank you for taking the time to give critiques.

    Recto :

    Verso :

    PS: Sorry if sometime my sentences don't make sense, I'm not a native english speaker.

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    Fantastic work, your proportions are looking good.

    Try to have some more confidence in your lines. I see you're sometimes drawing a line in little steps instead of drawing it in one motion. It will make everything look cleaner but requires a bit of practice.

    Good Luck!


    I love the sketches! The only suggestion I have is to draw a little more loosely, this will mak your drawings look fluid!


    Wow! Nice job on those quick drawings you've put out, Gorkem, those are very greater!!

    If I was to propose a workout of the bugs, then it would be to, would you please do 43 more minutes of 30-second poses of all states of dress?

    The reason why is because, it'll give you a lot of practice on how to pose the funniest attitudes in terms of ideas and energies.

    Hope it's been completely and totally big.


    The second link gives better info. Add floor planes so you can practice perspective and remenber to presserve the masses


    30 sec is challenging. Just think of the 8 parts of the body (head, spine, ribcage, pelvis, 2 legs, 2 arms : in this order generaly), don't try to draw the outlines of the figure, just what the figure is doing. Hope this helps :)


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