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    I've been practicing my gesture drawing for a week and i wonder why i feel kinda stuck.

    At the first 3 days, I've seen some improvement on how i capture the essence of the pose and the energy of the pose. But the last 2 days i felt like my gesture became worse(?) idk T_T

    Am i doing it wrong? What's the right way of practicing gesture? >_< Is there something that I've been doing wrong? I hope i can find a way to get unstuck

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    Hello there,

    thanks for sharing your work!

    It's interesting, I can see what you mean about the most recent sessions you did. It seems like you were focusing very well on the line of action during your earlier sessions. There is a lovely fluidity to the lines, and they feel much more alive.

    Perhaps you could try warming up before the session with a very loose wrist. Try to freely draw some S and C shapes on the page, and loosen your wrist up to ensure you are not making rigid lines when in session.

    Might I suggest also trying some poses where you draw a continuous line, instead of breaking the line by picking the pencil up off the page.

    Finally, if things are becoming a bit too frustrating, dial the detail back completely and focus on the line of action, without heeding the details of mass, limbs etc.

    I hope this helps! happy drawing :)

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    Good evening, and welcome to Line of Action.

    Greatest works on your lines of action and your looser fluidity, more vitality, and all the energy you've applied to your poses. But, these line economies still are the least appealing to me. How would you care to try out our interactive drawing tutorial here on this website? All with 8 lines per drawn pose??

    As a result, your line economy and efficiency will strengthen quite quickly, yet your lines of rhythm and action will be quickly drawn but the least stiffest and the most dynamic, vitalest, yet energetic. For most info, please look into the PDFs of the Walt Stanchfield rrrrright here.

    My hat's off to you, and hope they've helped you.

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    I really appreciate your insights, and YASSS, I agree, my line economy is something that i found really hard to manage. I think i like the idea of trying to do it with 8 lines, I'll definitely take this into account when trying to practice gesture drawing in my next session. Also, can't wait to read the source that you provided! Thank you so much for your feedback!!


    Truly appreciate your feedback! I noticed that I never give myself time to warm up so definitely gonna keep that in mind >_< I'm gonna try out your suggestions in my next practice sessions. Thank you so much for the feedback!!

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