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    Hi everyone!
    I'm trying to study gesture drawing - currently following the Proko course. I wonder if some of you could give me some critics and feedbacks. I've uploaded my sketches on my blog - hope it doesn't break a rule on this forum.
    Thanks for your time and have a great day.

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    Hey Cochet!

    A lot of drawings here so I wonæt comment on everything but here are three concrete tips:

    1. Try to push the opposing angle principle of the shoulders and hips. We tend to stiffen up our poses the longer we work on them. Starting with a quite exaggerated gesture can be helpful to alleviate some stiffness later on :)
    2. Try drawing the rib cage/torso circle as an ellipse instead of a circle to avoid the small torso that you commented on one of your drawings. The rib cage is kind of egg shaped so this should be a no-brainer.
    3. Be aware of line weights. Using variety in line weight really brings depth to sketches. Add thickness/darken lines where one body part goes in front of another, where a body part sits on the ground or in general lines of "edges" (" as there are few hard edges on a body) that face away from the light source. Usually the ones facing downward. I also tend to draw lighter at the apex of sweeping curves. Not sure if this is a good thing, but at least it gives some variation ;)

    Oh, and bonus tip no. 4. Practice practice practice ;)

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    heyyyy, u are doing a great job!!

    I would recommend that you do not lose the marks for the feats, they are important to place the figure in the space, indicate the pose, perspective...

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    Thanks, Eirik and Soraya.

    Sorry for the delay, I've tried to apply some of your feedback, and I start to feel the progression.

    I've listed of my practice on the following page (grouping them by week).

    I still need to apply your (Eirik) advice n°3 and 4.

    As always, I'm still open to critics.


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