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    Posted about roughly 2-3 weeks ago for some gesture advice. Thank you to all who were involved in the thread.

    I took all of your advice to strengthen my forms. I like the way they're coming along, but some more feedback would be appreciated so I know I'm heading in the right direction. All range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

    Again, thank you to all who gave pointers in my last post. Helped a ton!

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    Good Work. I love the Energy and Fluidity of the lines. Focus a bit on forms and proportions from now on. Also try to reduce the numbers of your construction lines gradually.


    Well, well, well, WEREWOKE, I must do say that your quick sketches; the 30 seconds, especially; are definitely on the right track.

    Well, in the much nearer future, I must advice that your 30 seconds are getting almost enough of forces in the acting, actions, and feelings, but I really need to see more of them. Would you kindly exaggerate your C and S curves in your 150 minutes of 29 second quick drawings of figure studies? (150 x 60/29, 9000/29=310 doodles of figure drawings, all flipped horizontal or vertical)

    The reason why you would and should do this little bitty suggestion is because, to reduce the stiffness in your C- and S-curves, and to really make them more dynamic, energetic, fluid, and lively. So, keep up the good job, and we hope you'll get to do some exceptionality.


    I love your sketches, Werewoke!!! I'm a beginner and feel inspired when I look at what you've posted, both here and your earlier one. I love the movement, the life, the vitality... the fun and the drama. It also helps illustrate what I imagine the "assignment" is. Thanks for posting!


    Hello! Werewoke. I hope this message finds you well.
    My feedback for your next gesture exercise is try some of these options:

    1) make the principle lines (spine, neck and part that indicate where is the body's weight on that the moviment) more visible/contrasting than the others lines. You kinda made it on the second image and you can "force it more" on the next gestures' exercises if you set the pen's tablet to recognize different pressures and choose a brush that is able to change oppacity according to pen pressure. (In case you decide to do this exercise on traditional media, you can make the lines with different pressures as well.)

    2) even if you draw multiples shorts lines, try to draw them closer to each other, so the shapes can look more solid.

    P.S.: I don't know if I explained things clear. English is not my mother language so I go in a verbose way :-(


    i'm seeing a definite improvement from your last post! your understanding of arms and legs has improved a lot, and the flow is reslly good. one thing i would suggest moving forward is to study the different shapes of the body. i'm seeing a lot of ovals for arms and legs, and i feel like you could take that a step further and focus on the shape of different muscle groups. this will help the cohesiveness of your art! another thing i would consider is weight and fat distribution. showing where the body is "squashing" on a surface and where it's being held up by bones and muscle will go a long way towards improving the motion of your work. thanks for sharing your lovely sketches! here's a link i think might help you moving forwards:


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