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    This is my first timed set after finishing the Love Life Drawing Beginner Series. I'm still struggling with certain aspects on longer figure studies, but I learned plenty. I would love to hear any critiques.

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    Good morning, Drab Green Rabbit, and welcome to our website! I'm Polyvios Animations. How are you doing this morning?

    Say, I love how greatest a job you're doing on these quickest poses. I think that your edges and spaces are positively but absolutely on the rightest tracks. I feel that your relationships(proportions and angles) all look or seem a bit farthest too blandest but stiffest, so you needn't be concerned about your longest studies too soon. What you need is to please try out our drawing tutorial, therefore we can provide that for you on behalf of our site. Why don't you care to try it out for yourself?

    The logical explanation behind this is because if you need and/or want to pay most attention to the motions and guts over aesthetics of your figures and whatever, then your proportions and others will become most easiest to you, if you just be most concerned about your sketches mostly holistically like never before. For most info on the basics of gesture drawing, check out this:

    My hat's out to you, and hope they've been educational but informative.


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