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    It was drawing in 10 minutes and 2 more to paint, I need feedback. My goal is to draw (older) women in natural day-to-day positions.

    Please access to

    In this moment I only have a draw DD20210301-1

    Thank you

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    Hello, dinadomingues, and I love how much force, form and color going on your older woman drawing. That's very excellent work, indeed! When it comes to figure drawing the clothed older ladies, you're really going great with your promise.

    So, If I was to give you a littler-bitty nitpick, then it would be that I love the look, and more importantly, the feeling of fluidity of that pose, but I just cannot seem to get enough of that in your lines of action and rhythm. Would you please like to warm-up and practice even more blind contours and gesture drawings, by means of 135 minutes of 30 second attitudes (135 x 60/30, 8100/30=270 quick poses) The reason why?????????? It's because of this video down there:

    This video is called "The Seven Ls of Gesture Drawing," and it's extremely and absolutely practical and concrete to your goal if you take a screen shot of this footage above, and warming up to it; in addition to your practice session, it's worth a try.

    Good luck to you and your current and future goals.


    thank you for your reply and by very good video

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