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    I am trying to become decent with pencil drawings. I am in school for graphic design but have been interested in illustration lately. My goal is to design  and develop concepts on paper via sketches, scan them and finish them with Creative Suite software.

    The thing with my drawings is that they are all very "sketchy" Everything I draw ends up looking like a mix between a gesture drawing and a "coat-hanger" rendering. I want to be able to use a lot less lines and clean up my technique.


    I found this site, busted out the old sketchbook and tried to produce a few gesture drawings. I found that 30sec was too fast and went to 60sec. The time limit was good as it forced me to do less. Working toward the 30sec.

    Any tips on cleaning up a sloppy style?

    Here are some pics of a couple pages from my sketches today.




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    I can't see the pictures

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    I agree with dbzgirl311, I can't see the pictures either. Try again please.

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