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    I've been doing gesture drawing for about 6 months now. I've yet to get critiqued, better late than never. I have a few portrait drawings that I did mixed in with the gestures. I would love to get critiqued on any or all of the work linked.

    For most of the drawings I followed New Master Academy's figure drawing videos. x5 one minute, x5 two minute, x2 five minute, and x1 ten minute.

    Additional drawings are under the same imgur account if anyone wants to look back at my progress and perhaps critique them as well.

    Thank you for looking!

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    I love it! maybe you can draw more loosely, hit it with confidence, and look for the flow of the rhythm. You are crushing it

    lots of love!

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    Good morning, SentientKarp, and welcome aboard. Thanks for posting your Imgur link. I really must say that your drawings are filled to the brim with direction, weight, solidity, and personality in most every image you've posted, so please do push yourself more harder.

    So, if I was to suggest some feedback to improve or refine your poses and expressions, then I think or feel that these drawings all look or seem too timider to me. Would you like to please loosen up your lines shapes with our interactive drawing tutorial, even if it's all figure studies, here?

    The reason why is because, your lines of action and exaggeration will be rapidly articulated lesser than stiffer, but more livelier, expressive but gutsier. If you really loosen up your poses and expressions that way, then your storytelling attitudes and emotions will be even more than entertaining. Also, kindly look into the Vilppu Drawing Manual PDF and The Little Book of Talent on Kindle, by Daniel Coyle.

    Good luck from me to your works in progress.

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