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    This is my first practice of the gesture, the pressure of time causes me to make anatomical errors and very dirty behinds, but I hope to improve with practice

    I hope you can help me improve img

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    You are doing fine. Anatomy isn't the focus when it comes to gesture drawings. Its more about getting the pose down to tell the main story or action. So far, I can see the models poses, balance. I can see that you have rhythmic lines. Simple works best, and you need few lines to capture the pose. Which I can see that you demonstrated so far. I wish I could give you more to work on. But keep at it, gesture drawings pay divid ends when it comes drawing from imagination later. Stay Frosty


    I will continue in the practice and put more emphasis on the gesture, thank you for your comment and your time


    I'd say you're doing well. You might want to make your studies (for lack of a better word) sloppier, focusing less on getting the anatomy right and more on the pose. Right now it feels like you're trying to split the difference, making drawings that are both anatomically accurate and capturing the gesture. And that's good, but the point of gesture drawing is more the latter.


    ok, thanks for your time and input


    Great job, nixonfj, those sketches say that you're on the right track. I've known, that when it comes to human proportions, you look and seem pretty intuitive with them.

    However, I've got one tiner, littler suggestion: I just love how much motion and movement you've got in each and every one of your sketches, but why don't you please make more, and even more improvements with, 85 minutes of 30 second poses?

    You wanna know why?? Here's the reason why: Because, it'll make your poses and lines the least stiff, and more fluid and lively in the gestures and emotions.

    Good luck to you, and I hope you'll find these courteous, useful, and helpful.


    I will put it into practice, thanks for your words

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