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    Looking through these, there are some rushed ones that don't look as complete, and the general flow of some (i.e the softness/hardness of each gesture prepicated is not presented well), but I would still appretiate any critiques on what I have so far. I really want to improve my timing and planning on 30 sec gestures.

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    Hi J-dawg,

    Not being an absolute expert, I'll give you my impressions and feelings as they come and you might recognize something or find some food for thought... generally speaking I find your figures quite elegant, with a nice flow to them. there is a sense of movement in your figures which I like, but I sense that more static poses (the last drawing) might seem more difficult to capture. Some scratchy lines give the impression that you're searching for the correct placement. I get the impression you have a good general feeling for the figure and maybe you can work on increasing your confidence in your lines (this entails a lot of repetition). A good piece of advice I received is to take time to observe the model and lay down confident lines, even if it means in 30s not having a full figure, because that isn't the point. The point is to catch the essence of the pose...

    I hope you find something helpful here.

    Nice work!


    Well, J-dawg, that's absolutely spendid with what you're doing with those 30-second quick sketches in terms of speed and line efficiency. Great job!!

    Well, well, if I could possibly provide a totally and absolutely sincere suggestion, then I must say that some of the contour flow is a bit too choppy in some other poses, in spite of the grace and ellegance in the overall communication. Would you kindly be able to draw the loosest and lightest touches with a 4B graphite pencil, with 30 minutes of 29 second quicker gesture drawings???? (1800 seconds/29 second=ruff-ly 62 figural doodles)

    The generalization is, as a result, your lines of action will become all the most loosest, free-est, and dynamic and energetic and vital-er.

    Good luck with your current goal.


    Ese esta bien si me parece una buena practica


    Totally love the site. It has helped sharpen my drawing skill.


    You draw out of a circling motion, which gives your lines a smooth curvation. It looks pretty, but maybe experimenting with introducing sharp angles could provide an interesting contrast?

    If you feel that these are "rushed", well, it's 30 seconds. If you want more controlled lines, you would have to reduce the figures even further. Maybe introducing deliberate "breaks" into your rhythm, while you consciously take a single breathe, meanwhile only looking at the reference and planning your next mark, could heighten your sense of control.

    That is just a suggestion, that might work. I see 30 second drafts just as a step towards "real" drawing, so I don't have a lot of experience in trying to "master" them myself.


    Really beautiful shapes, I must say! Look, if you are feeling to try something else I would like to suggest something... I really appreciate speed forms with thick and dark pencils, they just feel soo sweeeeeeeet! Yeah, I surely would like to see dark colors in those drawns. And another thing I think would be great to "try" (supposing you already didn't) is to maybe use 30s more per immage but not give up of hands, feet, and some indication of the face. Accordingly me, they are very important to indicate the successive if you are in a fight or something, I think you probably will search for signals of enemy's attack attempts on feet and hands position, ain't it?

    I would love if my comment shows itself important to your improvement, I done it with no other intention.
    Have a nice day!

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