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    Hello, I bring update after previous thread (You could still reply to that one, I've posted an in-between update most people seem to have missed)

    After almost one full month of doing gestures daily I'd like to ask for a critique again.

    All the poses here are either 30, 60 or 120 seconds. Would you say I've improved at least a bit since the last post? What could I improve at? What should I focus on more, any repetitive mistake that is apparent in these? Anything that comes to mind, please tell me! Thank you

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    The poses look great. It shows what the figure is doing. It reads well. Keep up the good work!


    Greater work on your range of forces, gestures, and lines of action on all of your poses. Bravo! BRAVO!! Keep up on loosening up your forces and forms.

    I'm getting just a little bit more stiffness in the look and feel in the parkour poses above. Would you like to solidify and maintain the gestures with 1 hour of 2 minute attitude drawings?? Because your forms will become more looser and more than organic if they would totally obey the forces of the lines and the straights-against-curves. Have fun practicing and good night.

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