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    Ahoy there ! and hows goin ?.

    Been starting to try to draw since early march of this year and started to tackle some gestury thing 2 month ago but.. I dont realy understand the whole thing or what I am to do honestly , I barely can do a glorified stickman in 2 min a messed-up potato people in 3-5 and so on if.. anyone has some suggestion il take them made me feel.. pretty down recently as I dont realy see a way out of this (on top of all of the bajillion other issue going on).

    Behold (the "mixed" folder is about 1-2 month old stuff the 3 min one is this-month stuff) :

    thanks ! (also sorry for my poor english not a native english speaker here :p)

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    Heya! We all start somewhere! It takes a lot of guts to post online and ask for help, especially with art.

    Now, I think a slight problem here is that you lack direction. You are doing the same basic figure everytime, using a very similar technique and its not very well developed. You joked about drawing glorified stick figures, but those would actually be a very useful way to practice figures.

    For example, this first picture on the left is a classic example of a gesture drawing, a quick easy drawing that captures the "mood" of the figure. You draw these quickly, in less than a minute, and you practice poses and your observation skills. This type of gesture drawing provides a very basic skeleton on which you can draw the rest of the figure.

    The figure on the right is another example of a gesture drawing, one where the original stick figure was added too and refined, but notice that its only the big shapes of the body drawn. FOr short drawings, you don't have time for little details, you only have time for the large ones.

    I could ramble on for a long time, but I reccomend looking up any youtube video on Gesture Drawing, one that you think you would like to learn from, since there are many different types of gesture to learn from. I also reccomend the Bean Exercise.

    Learning with other people makes art so much easier to learn! Im excited to see your art journey!


    Thanks, Honestly when I attempted other stuff I was doing literal stick figure like on the left-ish , issue I have with those is that I wnated to find way of having the "form/width" of a subject or at least the orientation of the torso/hips wich I struggle very much with, stick guy get confusing when foreshortening become a thing too , so should I be more doing literal ""stick"" figure ? when I am doign "stick figure" I use to bend the "curve" toward where I think the thing would be "moving" next tho this get quickly confusing when the figure itself has like "straight" legs not bending at all , Ive watched a few youtube video and started taking a peak at book but I honestly havnt found them doing much of a glorified stick figure with made me worried.


    Welcome to Line of Action, Akzafeld, my name is Polyvios, Polyvios Animations, and how are you doing this evening?

    Say, your constructions, silhouettes, and the lines of action are bolder but more vital but more energetic than I've ever seen of all the others, but please push yourself more, therefore they, the lines are all seeming a bit too scratchier yet itchier in terms of outlines(or contours). Would you care to try out our proprietary interactive drawing tutorial RIGHT HERE??

    As a result, your contours will be able to get a more looser but lighter quality in your rougher stages from 30 seconds to 5 seconds, while at 45s-5m, your relationships and constructions will be able to be visualized in a much more solidified but defined way. For even more information, kindly look into a free PDF of the 2 Walt Stanchfield books Volume 1 here, and Volume 2, here.

    Good luck from all of us.

    Bienvenue sur Line of Action, Akzafeld, je m'appelle Polyvios, Polyvios Animations, et comment allez-vous ce soir ?

    Dis, vos constructions, vos silhouettes et vos lignes d'action sont plus audacieuses mais plus vitales mais plus énergiques que ce que j'ai jamais vu de tous les autres, mais s'il vous plaît, poussez-vous davantage, donc eux, les lignes semblent toutes encore un peu trop grattantes. plus irritant en termes de contours (ou contours). Souhaitez-vous essayer notre didacticiel de dessin interactif exclusif DROIT ICI ??

    En conséquence, vos contours pourront devenir plus lâches mais plus légers. qualité dans vos étapes les plus difficiles de 30 secondes à 5 secondes, tandis qu'à 45s-5m, vos relations et constructions pourront être visualisées de manière beaucoup plus solidifiée mais définie. Pour encore plus d'informations, veuillez consulter un PDF gratuit des 2 livres de Walt Stanchfield Volume 1 ici, et Volume 2, ici.

    Bonne chance de notre part à tous.

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