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    yesterday i drew a horse for the first time and today i was posessed to study more horses, please tell me what i can improve on! I kept making the heads too big and having to resize them, so tips of how to do horse gesture are appreciated! You can see the horses i drew in that link that says horsies!

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    Hi Funkle420!

    Horses are very complicated animals to draw, especially since they are so bony. All of the tips for drawing humans applies for drawing horses as well too!

    You can try tracing the shapes of the horse images you are using as reference with tracing paper or another layer (if digital). Doing lots of tracing will get your hands and brain used to the shapes and angles of the animal, without putting in a lot of "effort".

    You can do 30 second gesture drawings of horse images, just to get loose and capture the energy of horse shapes.

    However, at some point studying the muscles and bones (using an anatomy book or images of horse anatomy online) will get you much further.

    Josh Papaleo has a 26 minute Youtube video on drawing horses and you can draw along with it!

    I'm excited to see your horses improve :)

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    Thank you, this was very helpful! I'll definitely check out that video and take your advice!

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