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    Right now I'm going back at drawing realism. I mostly drew anime or drew from imagination. I found this site from a tik tok that my girlfriend showed me. For the the last couple of days I drew face for 30 sec and that was hard but actually quite enjoyable.

    Currently, I'm just practicing drawing faces using the exercise on this website. Right now I'm off doing 30-sec drawing images as fast I can and then going and redraw them to see what can I do make it better or a different method I use is just draw the images on the paper and no time limit so I can try to focus on detail.

    Well, my goals are to be more realistic and be more accurate. I watched a lot of lot videos and coloring but only on manga. I wouldn't call myself a beginner nor an advanced since I do not have the foundation on drawing human hand and feet, animals, expressions, nor environments. I have so MUCH TO IMPROVE ON.

    If you guys have any advice on my methods if Im the right route or if any tips that would be great.

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    Hey, welcome!

    You might want to pick up some of the Loomis books, like "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth"

    I guess we can't go outside anymore to borrow library books, but possibly you could get it off amazon? We've got links to some of the best loomis books on amazon in the store section. :)

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