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    Would appreciate your feedback and advice.

    All originals are here

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    At the moment I see some proportion problems.

    1. Trying to start with line of action and ovals, I don't draw ovals exactly sized - meaning the proportions of one (vertical\horizontal) and to each other.

    2. I don't compose the sketch in the paper

    3. Often i start drawing lines for the limbs, putting joint dots only after that - it seems quicker and easier for me. But maybe it distracts me from structuring position of the joints and general composing.

    4. Sometimes I do a lot of distracting visual "noise". Maybe I should do additional step of erasing\bolding. Or plan a bit and do assertive lines.

    5. Often I get distracted by some details I like. Should do that only after I'm satisfied with overall structure, and do some steps of structuring general-to-exact maybe.


    Some animals.


    With animals I see following:

    1. I don't clearly understand their anatomy

    2. I have some problems with 3d thinking (e.g. where the other side of the pelvis shoud be, if it's hidden). With human drawings as well.

    3. I don't have clear understanding of algorithm for animal posture\gesture. I also lack habit in it.

    4. I try to catch some planes and volumes, as they help to get more realistic proprotion, and overall look, but sometimes fail with percieving right shape, or with visual display


    Hey! I liked your dog picture, there was a lot of personality in it!

    Anyway, I think you have nice starter figure drawings (not that I am any sort of master). My advice would be to do a small "stick" version of your figures before you do your main one to help sort out where things are placed.

    I only erase when I work on the longer drawings (20 mins or more). There's not enough time to waste erasing in anything lower than that. Nor is it worth it.


    Hi, I would suggest maybe paying more attention to the contour and the negative space so that you can get closer so the over all form.


    You mean the first one, with the puppy? (third one is dog as well, digging some pit - less recognizable ;))

    Yeah, usually I try to put dot&sticks carcass here, they just get lost in the mess, and sometimes I put them not precise enough actually. Good point about erasing, thanks. Sometimes I just put way too much lines and get lost there, not sure what to do in such situation )) Sometimes blacking out some more accents helps.

    Thank you for cheering up and feedback)


    Countour is the thing I actually like to stick to. When I do - it gets bit more accurate and detailed, but often the overall drawing becomes bit dissociated - I do mistakes with construction, proportions, etc.

    So now I'm onto goal of paying attention to the carcass, line of action, prorportion and joints. So countour gets firstly less time, secondly - I try to catch overall primitives, not to be distracted by the detalisation of the specific contour. Anyway, I should put some balance in it, thanks for suggestion. Negative shapes is a good thing. Maybe I should try to use it for construction\proportion stage as well.

    Thank you for your advice)



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    Hands and feet:

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    Some new figures (not much progress in the result yet, but I enjoy the process and try to hold the line-of-action and sticks advice, tricky thing for me, taking much time and sometimes not precise enough)

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    Best advice I can give: study anatomy. Pay special attention to the skull and the form of the head. I know it takes a long time, and a lot of patience, but in between gesture sessions, definitely look at how the body is constructed. Christopher Hart's Easy Anatomy has been a godsend for me these several years, and I take a look at Loomis sometimes too.


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