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    Hey guys I'd love to hear your critique and recommandation pls !

    I want to improve my flow and the dynamic of my drawing but also the rendering of light

    (sorry for the poor quality of the pics :/).

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    I absolutely love all of those sketches you've put out, Goshgoo, that's very excellent! Greater potential.

    If I was to give you some constructive critisim, I'd really recommend on improve your flow, dynamics and liveliness in 27 minutes of 30 second sketches of figure drawings, pretty please?????

    The reason why is because, your traditionally hand-drawn forces will become the most vitalest and cartooniest and funniest. Say, I'd recommend looking up some animations of Disney Animators, Fred Moore and Bill Tytla, on Google or DuckDuckGo.

    Hope it's been completely and totally salutary.


    You're 100% right ! I'll work on that from now on, big thanks for the feedback


    Hello! For flow I'd suggest you try doing quick gesture drawings instead of detailed renderings. Give yourself 30 seconds or so, but no more than 1 minute. Lay down strong lines to show the general movement of the figure and don't do a lot of short strokes, draw long flowing lines. As for lighting I'd suggest a similar approach, that is, start small. Once you have your basic figure drawn, block in simple shadows, not too dark and not too light, just one uniform value. Really try to find where the shadows fall but don't go fully into detail yet. Once you lay those down you can work on the mid tone shadows and make a distinction betweeen the more diffused shadow edges and the sharp ones. Then you can go in with the darker values to create contrast. Remember, it's all about practice and constistency!! Hope that helped and lets work hard :D


    Nice drawings. I would recommend you do a study in dept of human anatomy - both muscles & bone structure. Be sure you make drawings of what you find and keep them close by. The internet has a great deal of information on these subjects. Also, you might want to check out the following book:

    "Morpho: Anatomy for Artists" by Michel Lauricella. He has a number of other books you may be interested in.

    Whatever you do, keep practicing. Remember: Practice makes better.


    Avoid contour, if you want correct shadows learn the basic shapes. Go to ad folow his course.


    You have a distinctive and beautiful shading style. I can tell you have fun with it.

    My advice would be, to increase the learning value of these practice poses, take some of the time you are currently using on "finishing touches" like shading and instead spend it on underlying structure and on measuring proportions. Save shading for more "finished" pieces rather than practice ones. If you don't currently draw a hard and fast division between work you do specifically to practice and learn and work you do for display, start drawing one -- at least for now. :)

    You're doing great, keep working!


    Guys thanks so much for all theses advices, they're super relevant to me !

    The color pencils aren't very adapted to have a good rage of values for the shading so I'll try it with a basic grey one.


    That actually hit so close to homen definitly need to put more thoughts into my practice Thanks !


    Just bought the book can't wait to learn from it :D


    Shading looks good! The more rendered drawings look like they are stiff in terms of the overall pose. I recommend maybe focusing on quicker gestures to loosen up your strokes and then gradually go up to more rendered drawings. Also keeping an eye out for proportions, especially in the arms and legs, will help you.

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