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    Do any of you use Habitica to motivate yourself? Would it be interesting at all to have a line of action Guild and/or challenge(s) on Habitica? :)

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    I used Habitica briefly a few years ago. It was fun, but it also had a lot of features and methods of handling things I didn't really take to.

    I'm kinda interested in seeing LoA be part of it though, I'm in a place where I could realistically make good use of the site again if I don't spread myself out too much. So, I guess my vote is "I'd probably use Habitica because of LoA additions" rather than "I use it and would like a LoA addition", if that's worth anything. :)


    Yes! Habitica helped me to start drawing again after a very long period of creative blockage, and keeps me coming back to this site every day. I'd definitely be interested in a guild and challenges.


    I love habitica, and would definitely join/support a LoA guild and/or challenges~


    I have been using Habitica for three years now and I think it's an amazing website for motivation. I would find a Line of Action Guild very interesting and helpful.


    I'm pretty new to Habitica myself, but I'm so pleased to see there's interest! I'll look into doing this :D


    Hello again all! I just pulled together the gems required to start a guild. Here it is: https://habitica.com/groups/guild/eacd9bc4-c8a5-455c-b17c-e75963b93a22

    Still working on setting up the challenges and would love input about that. :)


    I tried it back in 2012 when it first came out so I imagine some new features have been added lol. Maybe I should check out what's changed!


    It's super different now, I think they've even changed the name since then. :)

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