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    Hi all!

    I've been practising gesture on here for a bit, but this is the first time I'm posting anything for critique :)!!

    I feel like there's something wrong with the stuff here, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I'm thinking maybe its the proportions, particularly on the birds? I also struggled a little with communicating 3 dimensionality in quite a few of the sketches, I think.

    All are ~2mins, some run a bit over (by maybe 30 seconds or so) and some are a bit under that time as well.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this :)!! Would be thrilled to hear any critique you'd have :D!

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    I think it all looks really good! Maybe for the birds add less lines, it might make it feel like it looks "off". Try to be confident with your lines, especially in the birds, and I think it'll make a difference:)


    Thank you so much for your time :D!!

    I'll take it into consideration!! I think they're definately something that I need to sit down and practise more... I'm so much more confident with human forms then anything animal. Thank you again for your response :)!!


    Hello there! I hope you're doing well. :)

    First off, I have to commend you on practising hands and birds. Both subjects are quite finnicky and difficult to capture in their own right.
    I think your portrayal in these images is actually technically quite good.

    You've got a great eye for the third dimension and the poses you've studied have great follow through. They are convincing visually.

    The awesome thing about drawing birds is their feet have really similar anatomy to human hands. Maybe try to think of their little feet as you would when drawing hand gestures.

    As far as feeling something is off about them, I don't quite see it. The only recommendations I can think to offer are (if you're not already doing them)
    - Maybe try flipping your image upside down and seeing if anything stands out to you as incorrect.
    - Try to give yourself a little credit and apply a little more confidence to your birds. They really are an arrangement of soft circles with fluff.

    All in all, I think if you feel like you've struggled communicating 3 dimensionally that struggle doesn't show in the final results. I have to recommend you keep going and for around 2 mins each these are some compelling images. Great work!


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