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    Hi! Please look at my drawings below. I'm practicing hands and feet since I suck at that XD please help me get better!



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    Please take my critique with a grain of salt since I'm still a beginner. I really like your quick sketches that are 30 seconds or a minute as the majority of them are very loose and expressive. But it seems that quality is lost when it comes to your longer sketches as they look stiffer. If you're aiming for a more realistic look then try to lighten up the linework and rely more on shading to give the form to the hands/feet.


    I love your 30 minute class drawings, Kyr Kun Chan, so much. I really love your 10 minute hands/feet. And most importantly, I love your 30 second sketches of hands/feet.

    Yet, I've got one little suggestion: I really love your looseness and expression thru your 30 second scribbles very much. Why don't you do yet your first-ever 30 minutes of 30 second scrawls, if you pretty please??? Because, your lines will become even more loosest, lightest, and the most funniest, most naturally. Take this with a very tiny grain of salt, as you might get some very sloppy pictures, and that's OK.

    Hope and pray that it'll help and support you improve and innovate.

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    Never say you suck at things, you're improving and these look great! :)

    One tip for hands is to think of the base of your hand as a flat, rigid plane. When you look at your own hand and move your wrist and fingers around, you'll notice that your actual palm isn't capable of bending too much. This will help you get a nice structural base, and then you can achieve nice fluidity with the fingers and wrist!


    I think you are doing better than you think! These look good! I admire the volume of your drawings-more makes better! Sometimes your fingertips seem to go in a few directions in some of the drawings and it can make things look a little stiff or off....maybe try drawing tripartite sections when working on hands to help group the fingers and sometimes drawing the palm and then fingertip ellipses first can help 'direct' the fingers and the flow of the hand.

    I made a quick sketch to show what I mean


    Pero si esos dobujos son increibles, yo acabo de entrar en esta pagina y me encuentro con gente muy talentosa!! yo tambien soy malisimo dibujando manos y pies, y creo que vas muy bien. Yo te veo buen futuro como dibujante asi que Suerte uwu.


    @Ginger Snappish if you see this, the link doesn't work right. I see the image for only a second and then it disappears. I removed the ?dl=0 from the url and it's fixed so I did see the drawing. And thanks for the tip! I'll try that.

    I can't speak Spanish but I google translated it and thank you for the nice words :D

    And thanks everyone else!


    Hello Kyr-Kun-Chan,

    i am really happy to provide feedback to this awsome artist as i can see from the photos.Feet and Hands its really parts of the body that people got anger from drawing hehe^^. But as i can see from day one you are really good in the harmony and the proportions of the hand. the movent of the hands are also diffcult but since the day one i can see that you have more than the basic proportions and all you need to start so in the day 13 i believe you have really practise your movements on the hands and the legs. When you finish your details inthe fingers and the palm make sure that the hands is properly attouched to the palm this is something that i believe that you can perfect :)

    Really happy to see your art and i am looking forward seeing your art again :)

    Greetings from Berlin :)


    These are all great! Hands and feet are SO hard. I think you could benefit from spending some time drawing the cylindrical shapes of the fingers in different perspectives, to understand how the form works in the various foreshortened poses you'll encounter. Same with the flattened box shape of the hand; I think it'll be easier for you to visualize the fingers with their proper volume if the hand has a little more form/depth!


    These are pretty good! Hands and feet are a lot of people problem areas (mine included) and these are looking dynamic and proportional.

    Honestly, there's not much i could say here, Just keep up the hard work and good job!


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