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    Hi there!

    Have been working on hands and feet already, and wanted to get a better grip on how these wiggly things work ;')

    Didn't wanna go too much into detail (no shading etc.)


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    I think both are looking quite good! It kinda feels a bit stiff but I think its just matter of practice and getting familiar with the anatomy and volumes

    But the form and shape is on spot

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    Thank you for your reply. I am trying to get rather flowy lines, but somehow I do not like this kinda style. I love sharp edges and stuff. Though I know what you mean and am working on it! :D


    I would say that if you like the sharp lines, then keep them.
    Trying to get softer or more flowing lines may not loosen up your images or get you what you are going for. I would say that trusting yourself will. And I think you need to trust yourself. Because you have a very good grasp on anatomy here and it shows.

    Might I suggest you look into holding your drawing utensil underhanded rather than in the traditional writing grip.
    If you look for "Artist Drawing Grip" you will find videos and articles explaining what I am talking about better.


    Haha, your ability is far beyond mine! I'm hardly in a position to critique but keep up the good work!!

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    I know what I am talking about and trying it out right now. I got Koh-I-Noor Clutch pencils (5.6mm thickness) therefore. I also played around with a whittled pencil, but it doesn't give me quite the confident feeling I'd like to have.

    Thanks for the advice! I didn't put that much work into that so far. I will work on it!


    Thank you :)

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