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    So here are to pages of gesture drawings, the top one more recent, the bottom one I did maybe two weeks ago. I asked for critique on some of my sketches earlier this year, where some of the things mentioned was adding fewer lines, capture motion, switching to pencil, and trying out the bean method. I have been trying to work on these things, but sadly I don´t always have time or energy to do a daily drawing. I will try to do them more frequently, but anyways, here are the sketches:


    If you want to check out the first post:

    In advance, thanks for the feedback. Everything is appreciated :)


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    Hi again Larissa!

    I can definitely tell you've improved some since your last gestures. Using pencil seems to be helpful to get your figures more defined, very good!

    Class mode with timer increments look like they work out very well for you, the more refined gestures in the second link look nice! Here and there are a few proportion issues, but overall they tend to look fine. :)

    Forming habits is hard, especially when you're restricted for time. Depending on how serious you are, you could wake up 15 minutes earlier and do a quick 10 minute gesture right after breakfast before you head out the door. Even those 10 minutes a day can do something amazing for your progress!


    Hello Sanne!

    Thanks for the tip about waking up earlier in the morning. In the morning I usually have more routine than after school, and I will definitely try that out! I really want to improve, and I know very well that the only way to do that is to practice.

    Thank you so much for you answer, it´s really helpful, and I really appreciate it!


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