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    I am still a bit at a loss in navigating the page. I occassionally stumbled upon the list of all the pieces that have been released for critique, but I have a hard time finding it. I am especially interested in reading other people's critiques, not only on my on drafts, but on other people's drafts as well, to get a better grasp on what critiques would be most helpful to people.

    So, which buttons do I have to click to access this list?

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    Hi Aunt Herbert!

    You can go to Your Studio (at the top of any page), then click on the blue Go Critique button in the middle. This will select a recent random image that's been marked for critique, and it will also show any other comments made. Below the image is the 'Skip to next' button which will cycle you through to the next image. :)

    I hope this helps!


    Hi Sanne,

    Thanks for your answer. But I remember having scrolled down one of the pages and seen a complete page with thumbnails of all currently submitted -and older- pieces. It is that page, that I no longer seem to find.

    The 'Skip to next' button only presents submissions, that I haven't commented on yet, and seems to have some more filters added. I remember a submission, that I hadn't commented on two days ago, then yesterday I was told, that I was "up to date" (?) with my critiques and there were nothing left to critique on, now today the submission from 2 days ago shows up again.

    "Skip to next" also doesn't allow to look up older submissions, to see what critiques other people gave.


    Hi Aunt Herbert!

    Are you talking about this page? https://line-of-action.com/drawings

    The link is on the homepage, if you scroll to the bottom and click "More Artwork"

    The ones that have little brain icons next to them are the ones that were submitted for critique.


    Aaaaaaah, yes, thank you, that was the page!

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