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    Apologies for the lined paper.

    Any critique?

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    An observation for the second portrait: as the browline is generally establshed from the brows to the tip of the ears, the angle of the face indicated by the browline and the angle as it is shown by size of chin, mouth, etcetera are diverging from each other. Probably the problem is simply, that you drew the ears too high.

    If the ears were on the reference, where you drew them, then you would have to redesign the lower part of the face a lot, as the woman would basically look down onto the ground, and the lower features would have to modified by an impressive amount of perspective shortening. This would be a mistake, that can happen easily when uncritically applying Loomis or Reilly abstractions to a reference, without checking first, whether the angle of perspective actually matches.




    Hi, Sandpit, and welcome to LOA. How are you? Nice job on your head references. I love the clear definition of forces, lines, spaces, shapes, as well as forms, and of course, the relationships. I think that it's great that you're positively on the right track, but I feel that these expressions need more loosening up. How would you like to please free up your hands with 30 minutes of 10 minute face poses?

    As a result, your understanding of faces and expressions will soon become less timid but more creatively fearless in execution. For more details, please look into our library of Andrew Loomis books on our Recommended Books list, which are just links now, for you to click.

    Our hats off to you.


    Combining red and blue is a good idea.

    Consider post refrences together, if possible.

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    Will do next time.


    Honestly, my main take is that based on the notebook lines, these should be a lot bigger. It can be intimidating to try to fit a figure to a whole page but I think doing that kind of stuff helps a lot with line confidence which will get you drawing quicker and drawing more interseting shapes. I do think theres a time and place for small sketches (they're fun and get the groove going) I would say even when your putting 10 minutes aside to work on something like a study you shouldn't mind dedicating a whole page. I like the work but I'd wish you'd give yourself a little more space your line work to find its own more distinct expression.


    one thing i'm noticing is that the hair on the top head does a great job describing the forms of the head- the lines curve with the skull and help make things look 3d. on the second head the lines you use for the hair are straighter, even at the back of the head where the hair isn't being pulled behind the ears. if you made those lines curved and had them follow the curve of the skull it would help your drawing have a bit more dimension.

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    I love the use of color in a sketch always a nice touch. I also thought your facial features overall are sized very well. To me it looks like your perspective could use a bit of work for example with the ears on the bottom drawing are oddly placed usually the top of the ear lines up with the eyes and the bottom of the ears would be right around the bottom of the nose for a directly foward facing drawing. I also cant tell if you used any sort of constuction lines, if you didnt those can be very helpful. I personally have gotten the best results from practicing versions of the loomis method as well as drawing planar faces at different angles. I hope this helps some!

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    Hi Sandpit,

    No critics from me, you master the poses and the proportions of the face just fine.

    It is a good result for 10 minutes and 18-20min,

    keep practicing and adding details maybe that is your next step ?

    Thank you for sharing !

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