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    Hiya ie been visiting and using the site a while and it is a blessing. I can see improvement from my repeated attempts through your classes. Although i have taken a college course many years ago i had not practiced as much as in the last few months.

    anyways I'm an aspiring artist/writer/photographer. and have a Deviant Art account for the last 7-8 years. My main reason for Piping up was that a topic was not fully mentioned on the FAQ. you have a pretty strict rule on not selling drawings that have been create using your photography via your lessons. but what about for display? say if i wanted to put them up on my DA profile to show my progress? is still a toxic subject or should i not? i would gladly give some reps and put a link to site.

    Many Thanks

    SKARRed4life (on DA)

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    Hi harkensaw! I'm happy to hear you've found the site useful for your practices. :)

    To answer your question, you can display your art wherever you want, as long as you're not profiting from it financially! So yes, it's okay to display your drawings on DA.

    Linking back to the site is always appreciated no matter what. :) Would you be kind enough to share your work with us, too? We love seeing what you've been doing!


    That's good to hear as I love to show how I'm getting on and especially how much better Ive got over the last few months. You have a feat site here and I'm glad I found it.

    I will upload some of my work ASAP.



    Hello again,
    here are the links to the work ive done or at least the ones ive managed to get on my DA Profile


    the last 2 were done via the Paper 53 app on my iPad2
    I can now draw some significant visual studies thanks to your site and will carry on to do so into the future. Thank you very much:D

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