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    Show me your opinion on improving.

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    hey guys I'm a newbie here, but be honest and helpful. Please forgive me for I am not really good with forums.

    March 27 2023


    Would love to help out, unfortunately I don't think you uploaded the images correctly, they won't load for me even when I refresh the page. SOmetimes this can happen if the file size is too big. I'd suggest an image hosting website like Imgur if you can't get it working correctly here.


    Good afternoon, Calvinnyecomics, and nice job on your range of motion and lines of movement in your forms of the pose, but I'm not getting enough of the loose lines of action and organic pose, so how would you like to go for 32 minutes of 2 minute drawing poses? The reason why is because, your lines of action and rhythm will become less than rigid and the most bold, spontaneous, and alive. Be sure please to look at tons of instructions and inspirtations on gesture drawings form physical books, ebooks, video tutorials on YouTube, and many, many more. Good luck to you.


    Welcome aboard! It's okay to think you are a newbie. Most artists are in a perpetual state of not liking their work because they always see something they can improve on, no matter how experienced they are.

    Try to practice often. Practicing little but often is way better than practicing a lot but not often. Improvement is never immediate. You will see the difference in the quality of your drawings after several weeks or months, so don't throw them away.

    It really helps to have someone look at your work from time to time. I have a room mate who has more experience in drawing than I do. It was extremely uncomfortable, to say the least, to show my room mate my drawings from 4 years ago up to the present, but it was important in building confidence. I have had a history of being very insecure of my work, and only recently have I been able to comfortably draw while riding the bus or in any public space.

    Good luck!


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