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    Hello all! I'm James, pleasure to meet you all.

    Quick bio, I turned 26 on January 8th. I live in Bath and originally from London. I work in retail.

    I'm here to help drastically improve my drawing my skills, really and obviously! I feel as if I'm only beginning to dig my teeth in and journey forth into the journey of the artist. I discovered, like many of the aspects of life, art is about sharing as well as receiving. So, I'm also here to give advice where a artistic newbie like myself can give.

    What I like about visual art is the sudden showing of an idea or many ideas in an image. I'm fascinated the impact of first seeing a striking image, the lingering feelings it arouses and perhaps the messages pieces can contain. I enjoy the fact that it's both seemingly simple yet complex brilliant.

    I enjoy telling stories through my art, and would love to get to a point in my life when people want me to do just that. I wish in incite feelings or ideas within people upon seeing my art, one day, maybe soon. As a lover of fantasy, I enjoy design of the strange, while stilling carrying things that seem familiar.

    Anyway, enough said, I think! Thank you very much for this site, I'm very much grateful. I'm happy to be here and again, happy to meet you all. Thanks! :)

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    Hi Loaniss, like yourself, I do enjoy the story telling aspects of art :)


    Welcome to the grind... Haha, kidding aside, welcome even though I'm a new arrival myself. 26 years old also picked up sketching just six months ago and joined here just a few days ago. It'll be fun to watch your progress, though I probably won't be sharing anytime soon.

    EDIT: just noticed it's an old post bumped *facepalm*

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