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    Here is the link to my picture I've made. It's really important that you find some flaws and help me out. (find some flaws, and tell me some good and bad things about it).

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    Deleted user

    If anyone doesn't give me any advice, I might do a seppuku on myself.


    Well, first of all, welcome and please take it easy.

    I am not too great myself yet, but from what I can see on your deviantart page you want to draw mangas or at least use the manga style for your work. I couldn't look at the picture you linked since it had an adult rating and DA blocks those for anyone who is not registered on the site which I am not. Looking at everything else though, I'd say you're oing a lot of stuff right already, but lack some basics.

    I'd assume you just started figuredrawing someday and developed your style from there?
    Anway, I'd suggest you do what many of us here do which is basically a challange with specific rules. You can see how it works here

    I'd suggest you get a book on drawing for reference as well. El Bow always suggests Michael Hampton allthough you may prefer a book specifically about manga like this one (I heard a lot of good stuff about it so I hope it is good)

    If I were you I' work on understanding the body as a 3-Dimensional object (most of your pictures seem very flat, like you drew a skeleton and then just added an outline, without thinking about how the object would look from the angle it is seen in the picture)

    Speaking of perspective, that'd be a good thing to practice as well, just to understand how forshortening works and how lines converge to certain points (which are usually NOT on your paper. If they are that close you usually end up with a very extreme perspective)

    I guess that is enough for now. I hope I was able to help you a little bit and I'd also like to suggest that you use the critique forum next time if that is what you are looking for since you are way more likely to get a response there.

    Deleted user

    I've been working on this picture, and I need help on improving it. Any advice?

    Deleted user

    Sorry, here it is:


    Hi Dominique!  Welcome to the site!  :)

    You do great stuff, your drawing from reference (I was able to see it since I have a DA account) is really good so please know that you've most definitely got talent (no seppuku for you today!).

    I'm by no means a great artist but I thought I'd toss in a comment!  As Vyse mentioned, working on the 3D aspect could really help add a little more to drawings.  Atop of what was mentioned, I totally recommend doing gesture drawings.  You can practice 30 second, 1 minute, 2 minute etc. gesture drawings and with a bit of practice and persistence, they give you a much better feel for depth and drawing more 3D-esque stuff.

    I know this sounds boring but learning the anatomy (bone structure + muscle groups) is also great for getting a better understanding of drawing figures.

    I hope I haven't been too presumptuous with what I've written here.  Please feel free to reject my advice as you wish!

    Deleted user

    Here's the picture in case you're not from deviantart:


    Your tones are all extremely similar. Be bold! Try dark shadows and light highlights. Right now, nearly everything appears to be hanging out in the middle.


    I just discovered that you had posted this topic a second time with the exact same image and request for help, so I've merged the two posts.

    This is very bad behavior. You have not bothered to thank or acknowledge any of the people who gave you excellent advice in the first topic before starting another asking for advice on the very same image. It's not kosher to repeat topics anyway, but it's especially bad form to do so without thanking the people who took the time to give you the advice that you asked for. Furthermore you have begged for responses after only two hours. This is a forum, not a chat room, and a small one at that. It would be bad form to whine if you hadn't received a response within 24 hours, much less 2. Participating in forums requires patience.

    Finally, you have now burst into another thread dedicated to a specific exercise and begged for critique from me. No one person is obligated to give you critique, and it is explicitly against the rules to derail topics.

    You have been warned. Please take care with your future conduct.

    Deleted user

    I'm sorry, I was just bored of waiting for some critiques. Maybe it would be best if I made another topic. Thanks for the warning.

    Deleted user

    Thank you everyone for your advices. Sorry if I didn't thank you guys sooner, please forgive me.

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