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    Hello, I request ya'lls help. Recently I have noticed that my drawings are starting to get worse and worse. Ecspecially realism. Is this normal? What can I do to fix it? Thank you for helping,

    Honey Bee

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    Would you please post your drawings on your Imgur or something?


    Honey Bee1331,

    Do you warm up before you start working on your formal drawings? Do you stop working on what you're doing and move on to other things when you feel stiff? Do you plan out your works by making thumbnail sketches? How many times do you redraw your image before you work on the final?

    Often we want everything we touch to look AMMAZING! But that's never the case. One must be able to reproduce the same thing a few times, create drawing workout routines and study if they want to get better. It's not wasting paper, it is investing in your abilities as an artist.

    Until you post some of your work into your sketchbook on this website, I feel this is the best advice I can give you. Take the time to do the work and study anatomy, and the basics like drawing cubes, eggs and cones with different light sources. Yeah, it's boring snoring stuff, but that's what is often needed to get to any state near-photographic reality.

    All the best,

    JCML Fine Art

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