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    I've been working on heads for a bit and I would like to know what I can improve/what's wrong with these heads

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    They look good but a great way to learn and challenge yourself is to play with different face shapes. These seem to be all the same face shape. Try adjusting the jaw height, lip height etc.


    They look kind of boring and sometimes features are a bit off. If you want to see clearer on what you do it might be good to see them mirrored.


    That was kind of the point of this, I was trying to get similar heads and keep the proportions correct.

    Could you be a bit more specific on how the features are off? Is it the eyes? Because I was told that by someone else.

    Anyway I tried making different heads with some references for the second half of this.


    Some of the heads are to slim and I think especially for the shape of eyes you might have a look at real eyes. The head in the last row, second from right looks the most natural.


    I see that the nose and mouth are too close to the chin, and the nose is seems long.

    To make the face overall more proportionate, try using 4 horizontal lines to divide the face into 3 equal parts.

    So the 4 horizontal lines:
    The first line is the hairline.
    The second line is the eyebrow line.
    The third line is the nose line.
    The fourth line is the chin line.

    Now the 3 parts that should be equal:

    The first part is the hairline to eyebrow line, otherwise the forehead area.
    The second part is the eyebrow to nose line, which would be the nose area.
    The third part is the nose line to chin line, which would create the mouth area.

    Make sure these three are equal, and you'll have a great evenly spaced out face.

    I think you draw the individual facial parts pretty nicely. I especially like the types of noses. It looks really good :)


    Hi chippu!

    Thanks for sharing these drawings with us. :) Before I start, I want to point out to other members that the reason the heads look a bit slim or squished is because the forum has resized the images chippu posted. If you click on them, you see the full sized versions, wherein the faces look much better and not so squishy!

    cenozoick has given great advice. :) Another tip to help you find errors is to do the following:

    Open your drawing in whatever program you use, and then flip it horizontally. I flipped your drawings and instantly found a lot of errors in some that are really hard to miss when you view them normally. It's small things, like a minor misalignment of the eyes or a small difference in jaw shape. It's hard to see un-flipped, but it's still off. I think that's what _nada_ picked up on!

    Can you give it a shot, see if you can see the same errors I'm seeing? If you flip while you draw it can be super helpful in finding your mistakes and correcting them!


    I think you dont have a good enough understanding of the head features. I recommand that you have a look at some videos explaining the different proportions and measurements that help a lot at this exercice.

    Another thing : you seem to draw directly the "finish" state of the picture. You should first learn the different measurements and proportions, then draw by constructing the head using simple shapes, than refined those simple shapes into more detailled versions.

    Hope that helped, keep working and you can't do nothing but improve !


    You're off to a good start, loosen up, and try to get the big form instead of the details. Have fun! It looks like drawing those heads hurt you.

    ummm I'm experiencing technical difficulties here - the pic is yonder:


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