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    Well, helloeveryone, that is sure a mighty admirable job on the repetition of drawing that same pose over and over again. Greatest job indeed.

    So, if I was to totally and positively suggest a critique or two, I could, would and should imply that though the gesture is really, really, really budding in that pose, but I'm not getting enough of that looser and most gestural quality and feeling with that anatomy. Would you please be able to loosen up your dominant hand with 10 minutes of 30 second mood poses? (20 personality sketches)

    The reason why you could and should do this critique is because to make your lines of action, of balance, and of rhythm the most strongest, the most dynamic, the most energetic, the most fluidest, and the most lively. For more details, be sure to look up "Animation Meat Walt Stanchfield," or get yourself a sample of the Kindles of the two Drawn to Life.

    Good luck to your current goals, and your goals to come.


    Not an easy gesture for sure. You have done a decent job at depicting it, but that models' ribcage is extended even more forward, and her shoulders and arms even more overstretched. I would say your most natural looking sketch is the one to the left, but to capture the extreme pose the model has, you will have to throw some of that "naturalness" overboard.

    I think the second pose from the left, which you marked with the word "weird" actually captures her pose better. It looks somewhat weird, because her pose IS weird. And even there, following a line from her hip along her belly and chest up towards her shoulder, i see a downwardpointing arc, that goes even deeper down from her hip, than you dared to draw, and you almost flattened that line. Also her shoulderjoints go even deeper down. That, and her head is tilted even more back. They browline in all of your drafts would be almost horizontal, while she clearly has her head tilted back, if you look at the angle between ear and brows.

    About making it look more "effective", I think you have to make an artistic decision. If your goal is primarily to draw a pretty girl goofing around, probably the "naturalized" look works best, if you want to emphasize her extreme pose, you got to live with the weirdness. I doubt that many human beings could copy that pose, so a bit of an "unnatural" result will be hard to avoid.


    Here is my attempt, ink brush. Idk if it helps, but I was curious.

    And I also drew her upper body too short.


    hmm, I don't think the outline is bad as it is but if I were to try and criticize, I think the feel of the depth is a bit lacking compared to that of the photo. If it were me, I'd try to draw the same pose but with a more distorted lense and see if the expression you want is enforced. Other than that, the orientation of the hip seems a bit slanted towards the viewer making the pose more twisted than it really is. Perhaps that's what is making the image look a bit flat.


    In the photo, the woman is leaning more down than in your drawings. Try lining up the rib cage with the hip, and exaggerating the neck more. Dont be afraid to try exprimenting with stronger angles; even if it look bad, it allows you to see how the changes affect the drawing. All the other proportions looks great!

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