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    So, I've started gestures a short while ago, using this site's wonderful tools. I like to get the tool running on my phone or laptop and doing the gestures on iPad using 53 Paper, or just good old sketchbook with ballpoint pen. But I was wondering if you guys have any tips on doing them viewing the tool and the gestures on the same screen ie. the laptop's screen.

    I'm using a touchscreen notebook, without a tablet (but I'll get one by the end of the month -yay-) and windows 8. I'd also like to use SAI to do the gestures, and a stylus.

    Thanks in advance ;)

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    I for some reason can't edit the op, but I just wanted to say I found a way: resizing both Chrome and SAI to occupy half the screen and close all SAI windows.


    There's a keyboard shortcut to fit a window to half the screen. Hold the windows key and press the left or right arrow key.


    Let me offer the SoCal Senior Solution:

    1) Sit in your favorite TV viewing chair
    2) Turn on your 'smart' TV and bring up this website
    3) Grab your sketchbook/tablet/2-n-1/laptop and let the gestures begin!

    Ah, we're just a bunch of lotus eaters here in SoCal.


    Another approach with a laptop is to plug-in a second screen.
    The price for a new 20" monitor is under $100.
    Garage sale / Thrift shop prices should be in the $20-30 range for one in decent shape.
    [Your bargaining mileage may vary.]

    An old [and 'dumb'] flat-screen TV usually has a VGA input -- DVI / USB / HDMI if you're lucky.
    Plug the old TV into your laptop and, voila, you have a 'smart' TV.

    uhh... it IS important to make sure that whatever connection the second screen needs also works with the laptop.
    [This is the embarrassed voice of experience speaking.]

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