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    Hello! My name is Ana Karenina García, I'm an illustrator and comic artist based in Guadalajara, México and I think there's always room for improvement! n.n

    I've been studying for a while with this lovely site and I'm excited to know this community, glad to be here guys!

    Some of my personal work:
    (if someone knows how to change the size of the images I would be very grateful)

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    Lovely work Ana. Do you have any of your anatomy practice up on the site?


    Thanks a lot Jason! I haven't shared them yet, but I'll submit some in the critique section in a moment n.n


    Hey Ana, welcome to LoA! Your work looks incredible. :D Resizing on the forums isn't necessary, so don't worry about it. :)


    Hi, Ana! I've just joined, so it's very nice to meet you and see your work. You're quite talented.


    Hi Sanne! Nice to meet you too and thank you so much! I'm glad there's no problem with the size of the images.


    Hi Judith0720, nice to meet you too! You're very kind, thank you! n.n

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