hi this is my 1 min gesture drawing and i have a question!!

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    i feel like im kinda confident with gesture, so these days im learning landmarkes and boxes to understand the form. but here is problem. what if i lose (forget) my gesture flow that i do almost intuitively while learning the form?? i think that kinda thought keeps me from doing form study and just keep drawing gestures everytime to not lose the feeling. am i ok to move on to form part and not be frustrated?

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    I can perfectly understand you. It helped me to think that I should not try to proof that I know how to draw, but to see me as a curious person eager to learn something new, even by starting with harsh lines again.

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    Just practice gestures every now and then. When one learns a skill it doesnt stick with them til they die, they havent to continue to practice that skill in order to keep and sharpen it. If you feel like you are ready to move onto the next step then do so, you can always fall back on what you already learned if you get stuck.

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    To be honest, frustration is part of drawing! Haha you may get a little frustrated when trying something new and seeing your lines stiffen up, but that is part of experimentation. You can also marry your gesture studies to your understanding of form. You may notice that your gesture lines already describe much of the form of the human figure quite well! You can always keep practicing form while you also spend time on anatomy and construction, in fact I'd reccommend it.


    Good eveniung, Khj, and great job on showing off your range of gesture, in addition, your intuition of the forms and spaces and relationships. Please don't let your frustrations get you down. Please be patient with yourself so much.

    However, I'm not getting enough of those caricatures of those poses and gestures and energies of those drawn poses. How would you like to do 5 minutes of 30 second quick warm-up sketches? The reason is because is of two things: First of all, to make your mark making much more expressive and exaggerated, and second of all, to get more accustomed to the motion of things in life, rather than their overall appearance.

    Here's a quote form Walt Disney.

    A good many of the men misinterpret the idea of studying the actual motion-they think it is our purpose to exactly duplicate these things--this misconception should be cleared up once and for all. I definitely feel that we cannot do fantastic things based on the real unless we first know the real.

    The Art of Walt Disney

    But, the real meaning is, we cannot pay any of our attention of the actual anatomical detail unless we first and foremost push or maintain the broad gesture of anything.

    Please do take this bit of a request with a grain of salt.


    Yeah that's exactly what I think when I'm draw

    I think I'm doing gestures all day long cuz that's now kinda comfortable to me and also wanna know if i really got the gesture's right or it's just a coincidence that I drew that good. That kinda thought really made me stick into gestures..


    I see .. you mean that i should not regard the look of the pose and push the lines to draw what I feel?? Thanks for an opinion!


    Hi Khj2005413.

    You have beautiful pencil stroke, shape and weight. It looks like you are not drawing too small. I think you would improve if you kept going in the same direction that you have been but added some simple perspective exercises. This will automatically make your gesture drawings less "flat" and the shape will get more depth from it. Drawing boxes and cylinders from different angles is very helpful and if you practise those they will automatically find their way into your gesture while still keeping that beautiful movements that you have got.

    Good luck!


    Your gestures look really nice. I recommended this book in another post today, but you might check out "Anatomy for Artists: Drawing Form & Pose: The ultimate guide to drawing anatomy in perspective and pose with tomfoxdraws." Long title, great book.


    thanks! im going to check it out


    For your gestures (and subsquent drawings) you are outlining. Try scribbling the whole mass in. Circles and scribbles for main parts (chest, quads, head, biceps, etc) and longer line scribbles for the thinner parts of the arms and legs ending in smaller circles again for hands and feet.

    Think blocking over outline. ;)

    Other than that keep up the good work and practice, practice, practice.


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