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    Hi Line of Action!

    Thanks for taking the time to consider my request. I really appreciate that Line of Action provides the option in the gesture/figure drawing section to choose between nude and "decent" models. While I respect that many artists prefer to work from nude models, having an alternative is something that makes me much more comfortable using the service. It creates a fantastic "opt-in/opt-out" approach for those of us with qualms about nudity. However, on the home page the link button to the figure drawing page has only shown nude figures. Would it be possible on the home page to replace the button image with one of the clothed/partially clothed figures (even if it's a swim suit), so that those of us who would prefer to "opt-out" of nude images in our study can feel safe as we navigate to the practice page? This way those who want to use unclothed images would still be able to opt-in, and those others of us can feel it is a safe place to practice.

    Thank you so much!


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    Hi there!

    Although I've carefully selected images for the homepage (and news posts, when we announce new series of photos) that do not show genitals or nipples, the site overall doesn't truly have a policy about nudes being only "opt in". For example, the critique forums have sketches of nudes posted in them on a nearly daily basis, where any part of the anatomy might be fully visible, and this is fully within our rules. We have advertisements for drawing books in the sidebar that sometimes have nudes of both genders on the covers (though those also follow the no genitals showing rule)

    I am sorry if my avoidance of showing genitals and female nipples on the main pages of the site is not enough to make you feel comfortable. However, this is even "cleaner" than many of the images you'll see in an average exhibit of classical paintings, classical statuary or even in our own forums. I don't think we will be changing it at this time.

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