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    Hello, fresh User here.
    I've been drawing gesture each day for almost two years now but feel like I didn't progress at all for the time spent.
    I see other people improve at it in rather short time but myself not at all.
    Now I thought I could get by without any critique in my drawing life and do it all by myself but I see that I was quite wrong with that. I assume it's also the reason I improve so slowly.
    Gesture drawing just frustrates me immensly now and I would like to make it fun again.
    I am really hoping that people here could give me critique on the gestures I've been drawing, and how I could improve them/ do them better in the future.
    The images are my recent gesture drawings, 1min for each pose. Every critique is much appreciated.

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    I have been doing gesture drawing[mostly 30 secs] by following books for almost a year now .And I got a sense of improvements for myself. So thanks for sharing. Now since these are 1 min drawings I would say to push it further try drawing the features more prominent for example ,clavicle,deltoid ,ankles,elbows(if visible), also the jaw line(to enhance the facing direction)and box type head instead of an oval. And it seems that you might have tried this but draw different scales of figures in same page tomake it more fun. Hope it helps and thanks again for showing what can be achieved.


    Thanks, maybe I should go a bit longer and detailed yeah.
    Heh I hope you archive a lot better results than mine though, keep it up yourself mate.


    Hey AbyssalLizard!

    Welcome to the site. :) I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so frustrated with your progress.

    Janeel's suggestion is not a bad one, but something I'm noticing right off the bat is that most of your gestures still feel a bit stiff. Adding detail to stiff bases is not going to fix the problem of liveliness there. Your gestures will probably benefit immensely from more dramatic strokes as you sketch them.

    Don't be afraid to make poses dramatic! Half the life in gesture drawings is the flow of the body, and the more pronounced the curves are, the better in this case.

    Have a peek at Swen's gestures here, he does some great work and his gestures have wonderful notes with them. The difference between your gestures and his is mainly that his poses are far more exaggerated. Why not give that a shot, see how you progress with that? :)


    Thanks! I shall take a look at them.

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