how do I sketch hands in 30 seconds?

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    So I am new to this amazing site and the gesture classes start off with the 30 seconds sketch. How would I "gesture" sketch hands?

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    Good morning, Pink, and welcome to Line of Action. I'm Polyvios, and how do you do?
    Say, what kind of sketches are you working on today? We would love to see them, so that you can, shall, and will use your sketches to document your artistic progress.

    But, when it comes to some sketching tips for your hands, in order to quickly sketch your hands in 30 seconds, I'd love to suggest beginning with a line of action, like you would with any drawing or sketch or picture. The explanation is as a result, your attitudes, forces, and/or movement will become even more clear and definable to your audience. For more curiosity, please check out our link here.

    Let's hope this little suggestion had helped you out even more.

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