How do you draw people facing sideways?

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    I already figured out how to do the head from trial and error and some practice. But I'm having trouble with the body (Both genders) Any advice would be amazing. Please. Thank you.

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    Pretty much the same as a front or back view in terms of steps. The tutorial covers how to find the line of action and how to elaborate pretty well. If you haven‘t tried the tutorial, start there.

    If you have tried the tutorial, your best bet is to set up a short class with side view as the focus, and then ask for critique. Then we have something concrete to work from.

    Also, remember you can and should critique your own stuff. To start out, take the results of your class session, and pick a best drawing from each time group. If you need to pick more than one best, it‘s ok up to around 3. If you have a reason why you think it‘s best, make a note of it. Ignore the drawings you think are bad, figure drawing classes produce lots of bad drawings. That‘s why we do them! You can‘t make good drawings without making a lot of mistakes. But if you mark the best ones, then you have goals to try to repeat or improve on.

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