How do you start twisting forms and do foreshortening?

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    Hello, Ive been doing figure drawings again and while I am doing pretty good (in my opinion) I have noticed that if the body is twisting or has foreshortening I will instantly fail, I cant even start with twisting forms and I cant seem to grasp any method on foreshortening.

    Do you have any methods that might help me with any of these problems?

    ( kind of poses im talking about)

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    The video talks about the coiling method that I myself use although I used ellipses than circles. Kind of like what this guy is doing


    To practice the coiling method I screenshot them and trace over the form with the coilings. You can print it out and trace it if you draw traditionally but digitally make it easier to do. Draw some horns also help and again trace pictures of goats or art that have it. My friend said that he learned it drawing rollercoasters because it has built-in coils so it is much easier to visualize the coilings.

    There is also a box exercise where you draw a really big box in your face and draw a small box at the other end of canvas. Then draw boxes inbetween with the same form but getting smaller and smaller. The exercise is originally a perspective exercise so you can add the boxes rotating after you get comfortable(while getting "smaller"). Do note the boxes is not actually smaller but just getting further and further away.

    Learning foreshortening is like learning to ride a bike. You will struggle a lot then suddenly it just clicks. You can improve after that "click" but it is like trying to raise 1 to 10 while you were trying to raise 0 to 1. It gets much easier after reaching that 1.

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