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    Well uh i took my first 1 hour class and it was fun, but the thing is how exactly do i add more details? Cause I'm feeling stuck that 20 minutes is enough for me to fully polish it although it isn't

    Here are the sketches btw:

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    Great start! Im glad you took the class, good job on that. In my opinion you should give yourself less time. Now I know it may seem weird, especially looking at your question. But I think you should give yourself less time, this way your studies will be looser and your brain won't get stuck on the small details. After you have the initial sketch, you can start adding details like eyes and stuff. These studies shouldn't be polished. They should be rough yet easy to understand. Maybe move down to 15 then 10 then maybe even 5. I hope this helps!

    Remember you are doing great and I wish you the best


    I'll try that next time, ty dude


    Good job on your very-first stick figure attitudes, Cadrawsy. Nice use of motion and movement. I feel you care too much about the details, because you can't have the details without the forms, and the forces, first and foremost. Would you please warm-up (or loosen up) your hand with your first ever 30 minute class mode of the figure drawings, all in the drapes.

    The reason is, as a result, as long as you work out your time limits, backwards, then you'll be able to master your gesture figures more loosely and effectively in your storytelling drawings. For more details, be sure to look into this video down here:

    Take this with a grain of salt, and I hope this is totally and positively useful and helpful.


    What I would reccomend is, sketching very loosely with a blue or red, then going over it with a pen or pencil. This can not only at more detail, but make your drawings look more finished. Hope this helped!


    Hi, look at this link, is the first of a tree videos, I think it´s very very interesting. Cheer up!




    Try drawing bigger and focus on mass of form instead of line expression. I also noticed you are pressing equally all over the figure. Try to vary your line quality.

    Exercise to help you see the foundations of form which create the details:

    Find a picture of an animal or human. Look for the basic shapes within the structure and draw them over the top of the image. This exercise will help you see what conditions create the details so vital to living more realistic art. I would suggest you try this with master artists sketches of people you find are your art role models.

    Want a book? Try Robert Hales Drawing with the masters. It's where you can find this exercise and many more like it.

    All the best,

    JCML Fine Art


    Great art lots of movement

    Keep it up Cadrawsy


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