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    General critique is welcomed as well, but I'd like advice or resources on how to:

    1.Capture gesture of the torso

    2. Retaining proportion in a short time

    3. Approach more straight looking poses

    4. Know what's generally expected to be completed in specific time frames + what to do with left over time

    And a few more that left my mind. I've been using this website for years but I must be doing something wrong when I continue to make the same mistakes.

    These are varied times of 30 second to 2 minute poses

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    Hello, I'm pretty new to the site, but drawing the torso is probably my favorite thing to draw :) Your quick sketches seem ok, but you say you're not seeing progress despite practicing a lot. I'm curious if you only do quick studies. I find it best to alternate quick sketching sessions with longer, more focused ones. Maybe taking more time to study a single picture could help you figure out the shapes better. I like studying bodybuilders as it's really obvious on them how the muscles work together.


    The problem is not too simple, you have to learn human body dissection, you only know the general shape of the human body but do not know why is that shape, so you draw with streamline.

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