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    I am trying to master drawing the human head and I was wondering if there are any tips or technique that will help me understand drawing different expression or emotion. i would like to know what body language goes with each emotion. any advice would be helpful.

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    Hey Artfan2929,

    when drawing emotions you should really learn how to 'Exaggerate" them as much as possible.

    The reason for this is to be able to understand how the human head morphs to create such emotion. from doing this you will be able to understand how to tone down and up the emotion for such desired purposes.

    Hope it helps ;D


    1) go to youtube
    2) search for "Jazza" (or draw with Jazza) and "face"

    he has a lot of really easy to fallow videos. It is all very graphic (not that realistic) but I am sure it will, as Chrisbreen says, be easiest if you start by exaggerating.

    There are also other helpful videos on youtube, just search for it - people are going crazy with what they want to share on there : )

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